Reliant® manages your payments

Take control with an all-in-one payment processor, dedicated account management, and data analytics company.

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Billion in payments

Reliant® is your trusted partner

Reliant® is a leading payment processor in the debt relief industry. We integrate with any CRM, provide custom workflows and reporting, and have best in class stored account and payment services to support our mutual customers. Live customer support agents provide world-class customer service to help ensure your payments are secure, timely, and painless.


Reliant® connects with any CRM. Industry standard or custom built.

World class customer service

Our customer service representatives in Tennessee are available Monday-Friday (8:00 am ET to 7:00 pm ET).

Trusted partner

Reliant® sets the bar for compliance, professional excellence, and innovation for the businesses and consumers we represent.

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Complete control of your account and payments

Because Reliant® is independent, we act as a neutral third-party and put consumers’ interests first. Our world-class technology protects your funds and personal information. We are constantly updating our processes and systems to promote compliance and security.

Neutral third party

Reliant® is not owned or affiliated with any debt relief service provider.

Excellent customer service

All emails, phone calls, and service tickets will be answered or resolved within 1 business day.

Highly secure technology

Protects your information and money by keeping you in the driver’s seat.

Compliance-first approach

Reliant’s proactive approach to compliance ensures we are current with all consumer protection laws.

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Access to Reliant® portal

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We work with your system

Reliant® offers standards-based APIs for ease of integration. Reliant can even customize API endpoints for your specific business and organizational needs. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, Reliant offers a secure and scalable solution ensuring scalability and uptime without compromising security.

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